Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Real Insights of Magento eCommerce Development

There is no more of ignorance in knowledge. In this tech-savvy world, every person is interested for the new innovations each time to make the life easier and blissful. Among all of the innovations, the internet is the most advanced form of technology which has helped to fetch all the natives of the world together to a common point which is next to impractical for a common person to think even for now also. In this busy schedule no one has time for shopping also. So with this in order to save time, shopping via the internet offers you with the golden chance to make your shopping quicker and cheaper without consumption of time and these are all possible with the opening of an ecommerce web solution platform. This e commerce solution or online marketing has not only helped the customers but also helps the business owners to grow their business with higher sales of revenues simultaneously as well.

A strong rivalry exists in the online web world. There are a lot of eCommerce web development companies in the market those who have expertise in the area of e commerce web designing platform. If you have a business and you want to expand your business in the internet world, then just simply design an ecommerce website for your business will give you the magnificent result. But only designing a website with any cms is not a good idea. So what should you do? I have a better solution for you!! Magento is one of the best CMS to develop your eCommerce website. 

There are different types of free and paid Magento Ecommerce Development extensions offered for various purposes which used to develop ecommerce website and interesting thing is that you can do it without any programming knowledge. Here I am going to discuss some important and most reputable Magento extensions which will help you to bring more potential clients or customers to your website. They are given below:

Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration is an amazing extension for Magento eCommerce development which allows you to integrate WordPress blog with your web store, add any Magento blocks to your WP theme which you have created or any default block, show Magento products on a post and much more. It supports for the languages like Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian (nb_NO and nn_NO), Polish, Portuguese, and so on.

Magento Debug

As it is a dominant eCommerce CMS, it has some complex difficulties. In order to fix the vogus bugs, For that this extension is a boon with many smart features. It has some quick actions like clear cache, toggle template hints etc. One can have Magento module listing, Toggle Magento modules, view script execution time, peak memory usage and many more features.

SEO Friendly Categories

SEO loves fine URLs. As we know that Magento generates long URLs for the products which have many levels of subcategories. However, it pays attention towards SEO as major search engine like Google is only giving importance to the short URL. By using this extension will help us to boost categories’ and products’ SEO. 

Well don’t think that the amazing list ends here. There are many other extensions for Wordpress Developer who work in this field. After reading this post definitely you will search for other extensions. Please give your valuable comments on Magento eCommerce Development and its growth. Cheers!!

Ken is a tech-savvy personnel who loves technology on the edge. He is working as a Magento developer at Klixmedia which is a great specialisation in Magento ecommerce development.


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