Tuesday, 14 October 2014

5 Reasons to Do Website Development by Magento Platform

Nowadays there are many ecommerce websites in the market. So it becomes the trend to start the business with an ecommerce website. To develop an ecommerce website, there are many open source e-commerce platforms available but one of them is really very famous i.e. magento platform which is increasing day by day. Internet businesses are facing rapidly to Magento due to its affluent feature and commanding inbuilt functionalities.

 magento ecommerce development

Here are 5 reasons to Choose Magento for your Ecommerce Platform:

Handle Multiple Stores
Interestingly, Magento can handle multiple stores. It has the feature that you can even run stores on numerous websites. Custom web development aids you to run them from a single admin panel. Even you can manage all the sales and customers from a single database which is really very time saving and cost effective as well. Don’t take its advantages within certain limits because it also has various features like multi-language, multi-currency support, international support, product browsing, shipping, order management and many more.

User Friendliness
When you use Magento, the products of your store can be displayed easily. That gives the people a great buying experience. Effective layout help people in site navigation, hence help to find out the things they are looking for quickly. Zoom-in capability, product reviews, multiple images of a product are some of the features that make Magento user friendly and inspires the visitors to make a buy and revisit the website.

Open Source Platform
As we all know open source platforms are very easy to access, can be modifies the codes easily, can be added extra features and functionality, so the magento developer Melbourne are taking these advantages to make their work more easier and challenging as well. Magento which is an open source platform and can be downloaded for free becomes more popular among developers. As it is open source software, developers can change the source code and include features and functionality by producing or installing add-ons and plug-ins as per your business necessity.

SEO & Analytics
Only creating a great website will be not going to give you proper results until if your website does not get traffic visits through search engines. You are not going to accomplish a proper ROI or return on your investment. As any website development done by magento creates a very clean URL, tags & Meta, most of the search engines love Magento platform. It aids directly in sales and revenue creation. Tools like Up-Sells and Cross-Sells of magento encourage the users to order more and more products. For proper reporting of your website you have to add some tools like Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout.

Magento Development
Magento Supports Mobile Commerce: 

The most common reason to migrate Magento platform is HTML5 capabilities which are now being integrated into Magento Community and Enterprise editions. Due to these features, users can feel a better experience in mobile shopping across any web browsers and devices even mobile devices those don’t support flash. An online store website development which has been done by Magento platform can comprise features like gesture-based controls, image scaling, use of both inbuilt audio and video capabilities drag and drop facilities for shopping carts and many more.

Summing It Up:
Hope these 5 points will influence you to develop your website in Magento platform which not only give your users a better experience but also a good ROI with profits to you.

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