Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Should I Choose A Joomla Development Company in Melbourne?

Among all CMS, Joomla is considered as one of the best open source content management platforms. It has been proved that it is adopted by most of the open source CMS seekers who want to design even a complex website. It helps the websites to be more users friendly and meet all your needs to reach your end users.

The Joomla development company in Melbourne can help you to diminish operational costs, enhance sales and yoke the command of social technologies. They take pride for guarantee on your Joomla projects which will be executed in fast-track with the experienced Joomla developers. The Joomla developers have been able to assist hundreds of reputed companies and their owners arrange inclusive technology and training to strengthen their business success. They also give commitment you to take your website to a completely new level in the market.

There are some quality services given by each Joomla development company:

1) Joomla website and portal development
The best and the most reasonable way to build a simple website with Joomla is, to employ any ready-to-use joom places components. All you just need to download or purchase it and give your website designers in Melbourne. These designers also can suggest about this if you are not sure about this component. They prepare a template too to get a fully functional professional website with documentation for reference. Yes, they may charge some fee for this but your website will be rocking.

2) Joomla component development
These website designers can design a custom Joomla component for an instant solution if your website has everything by using different extensions.  There are lots of add-ons available like the blog, survey, online flipping magazine, JomSocial plug-ins, testimonials and comparison chart, site management solutions and many more. You can pick any of them as per our needs and requirements.

3) Customization services
One of the biggest cause of that why people prefer Joomla is that it's free of cost, an Open Source, and  it has numerous add-ons. A quality Joomla development company can offer you Joomla customization, Joomla CMS, 3rd party components, modules and extensions are available for modification. The designers of Joomla not only design your website, but also provide to you a prepared commercial script to modify or you want the source code. They can also help you with PHP and Non-PHP platforms too.

4) Joomla support and maintenance
This is the most wanted service for all Joomla website owners as it is very cheap and you can get professional designs for your website. The repairs offer is incredibly flexible and clear. You can also order a Joomla installation, component fine tuning, system backup and monitoring, and troubleshooting of system update – anything.

The above services are the advantages for any company. So, most of the companies choose this open source content management system for their official website. The website designers in Melbourne are very skilled and have a wide range of experience in Joomla. So you can contact any quality Joomla development company in Melbourne to design your business website or upgrade of your website too.

Klixmedia is a Melbourne based website design company with lots of clients among Australia. It offers Joomla website designs for both PHP and non PHP platforms. Contact them today!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why Flat Website Design Is Recommended by Companies in Melbourne?

Change is a natural phenomenon of life. In technology, it always follows the path of innovation. So changing in web design is also a perfect example of innovative ideas. In traditional web design, people often do that same kind of stuff like flashy illustrations and animations that mostly wowed their visitors. Then the table has turned around and skeuomorphic design has come into picture, which brought real life to the screen, with faux-realistic textures, drop shadows and real object characteristics.

That design has pointed a way to the flat design trend, which combats all of these 'artificial' design techniques and supports more simplified, classically digital aesthetic. After responsive web design, flat design is the latest trend which rocks in the web designing world. Most of the companies who offer website design in Melbourne recommend this for a user centric purpose.

What is flat design?
It is a trendy approach that accentuates usability and features like clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colours and two-dimensional or flat illustrations. Instead of bringing the features of real life to an interface, this demonstrates an apparent division between technology and physical objects.
The most well-known company “Microsoft” was one of the first to apply this design style to its interface.

Simple doesn't mean that it is boring!
In flat design, decorative elements are seemed as pointless mess. If an aspect serves no functional purpose, it's a distraction from the user experience. This is the foremost cause of the simple nature of flat design.
As we all know Flash design is only good for looks and nothing else better in this. Major search engines like Google never recommend for Flash Design as the robots of search engines cannot crawl the website properly. So we cannot ignore this big issue. Eventually, just because it lacks any flashy design doesn't imply this is boring.

It is faster to understand.
A simple image can pass valuable messages more quickly than detailed illustrations. Images like icons can point out universal deeds or purposes, so that everyone can simply recognize them.
It is straightforward to observe an instant variation between a skeuomorphic and a flat design. Observe how the larger, solid colour blocks are more interesting and the significance of the icons can promptly be perceived.

 Klix web design
How do the website designers do it?
As discussed above, an effective Flat design should focus on simplicity. Solid, vivid colours bestow phases the importance needed to set them separately in place of illustrative point. Sans serif typography offers a clean, crisp supplement to illustrations; text is summarizing and to-the-point, UI elements like buttons and links are apparent and visible. Everything should be designed with the alike objective in mind to craft a consistent visual and functional web design.

Due to the effectiveness and simplicity of flat design, most of website design companies in Melbourne recommend this to the business owners. They fed all the features in the website which are user friendly and easy to access. So if you are a business owner and you want to design a perfect website for your business, then you should choose this instead of any confusion. Otherwise, if you have an existing website, then you can revamp your website to Flat Design.

Klixmedia is a Melbourne based company which offers flat website design at affordable prices. The designers of this agency are very dedicated to fix your issues.