Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Website Designer Melbourne Will Design Your Site SEO Friendly

Only design a website and launch your business on the internet is not the end of your job. If you want to increase the traffic from search engines, then we need to “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”. Yes, it is true that both the website designing and SEO are completely two different things but the fact is they are two different sides of one coin. Of course the techniques and knowledge of both these two departments are different but on the contrary they play a vital role in your online presence and business. This is the reason that why any company or a business has its own website to promote and sell its products and services. 

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As we discussed that they both are interlinked with each other, so it is essential as well as important that every website needs a perfect web design which should be SEO friendly. 

So, choose your search engine optimization services wisely after design your website by avoiding following things..

Things to avoid to make your website SEO friendly:
· Avoid Flash  Design
This is a myth that Flash websites will make your website rocking! Yes, flash can enhance the looking feature of your website design. But as a matter of fact that these kind of website make it difficult for the crawlers to go through flash designs. It is because in flash design, all the related information about your products or services is embedded in the flash which make the spiders unable to find your website. As a result, your website has poor SEO rankings in search engines. So it is better to avoid such kind of website for your business.
· Frames Are Also Not Good
Like a flash, the same situation happens with frames. Here also the crawlers cannot crawl through your site for which the SEO of your website hampers. If you are using frames, then do use the “NOFRAME” tag as a result at least a certain part of your content can be readable by spiders.
· Hidden Text
Invisible texts or hidden texts are also hurting the SEO ethics and considered as spam by the search engine rules. It will affect your website in such a way that it may either ban your site from search engine results completely or it may severely slow down your visibility in search engine.
· CSS Navigation & Loading Time
CSS navigation which is a great tool for Web design & search engine optimization services enables the search engines to read not only the content but also follow the links that are integrated at menu (if they are not using nofollow tag). It will create a better way of visibility for your site.
   When a user is visiting your website who is expecting that the website will load fast and there will be a smooth navigation from one page to another without having to waste a single minute for the site to load. Thus, to ensure these do use of CSS style sheets in your website design. 
· Not using of ALT-Tag
Images are also not readable for spiders. So it is a very good practice to use this tag with your image which increase the chance of the visibility of your image also. 
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So while designing your website think to design an SEO friendly website. The website designer Melbourne or any metro city of Australia has good practice for this. By designing a website like this will not only increase the visibility of your website but also enhances your traffic who will be converted into your customers.
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